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forum / Budowa i remont / When do you start a story?
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When do you start a story?

  • Joaquinluebbert
    Joaquinluebbert 2
    26.02.2019, godz. 10:59
  • Joaquinluebbert
    Joaquinluebbert 2
    26.02.2019, godz. 11:10
    The story is able to begin at pretty much any point you choose. If you know how the whole tale goes, your story could (with the right writing) start at the very end and still tell all the backstory and events that you want to happen. If you want to 'get to the fighting', perhaps you could begin earlier on with a battle(s) you have in mind, with exposition explaining the lead up to the fighting happening in dialogue during/after the battles. buy essays  able to provide you with the writing help you have been looking for also get result in any  As a reader, I trust the author. I believe what the author tells me. I have faith that the author knows what they're doing with the story, and that everything they're doing is on purpose and for a reason. If the author doesn't tell me something, I assume I either need to figure it out myself or I'm not supposed to know it. I assume that's on purpose, and that it'll make sense when it's supposed to.When a story begins, I need to know two things--who is the story about, and what are they trying to do. The story doesn't have to open on an epic battle scene to be interesting. But it does need to have conflict, and that satisfies what I need from the start of a story--a main character trying to do something. Show the character trying to do the thing, and make there be friction. The character reacts to the friction in a way that's relatable to the audience. Boom, we now have a character we care about. I don't need any back-story on the character to make that connection, just the actions they take in the current situation. ho is the story about? What's one thing this person wants and doesn't have, or does have and is trying not to lose? How can these things be shown to the reader as soon as possible, whether directly or indirectly?
  • AmandaOrleander
    AmandaOrleander 3
    25.03.2019, godz. 09:16

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  • nastia
    nastia 1
    30.04.2019, godz. 19:50
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  • Alexander Porkhun
    Alexander Porkhun 2
    04.05.2019, godz. 08:10
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  • Abigail Davis
    Abigail Davis 1
    16.11.2020, godz. 10:36
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  • 18.12.2020, godz. 06:41

  • 13.01.2021, godz. 22:54
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  • AmandaOrleander
    AmandaOrleander 3
    02.02.2021, godz. 10:56
    Give your characters depth. Change the character of the master papers characters as people change in real life. As the story unfolds, place the characters in different situations to show different sides of their character.